Lift and roll windows and doors

Lift and roll windows and doors

Lift and Roll windows allow for opening up the largest expanse of unobstructed views, providing a near seamless transition between interior and exterior spaces – they literally invite nature into your living experience.

Windows work through a lever-and-wheel system that lifts the panels away from the sill and weather stripping, allowing the window to glide effortlessly out of the way. The system is designed for optimal security, air tightness, and water resistance, making it one of the most energy efficient technologies on the market today.

Lift and Roll windows are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors to match your home’s design.

We are the first manufacturer in Canada to have NAFS rated our lift and roll system

fit roll window
fit roll window

Available wood species

We specialize in domestic softwoods, which we process from the log through milling and drying.

Coastal Douglas Fir
Coastal Douglas Fir
flat, vertical, mixed grain
Yellow Cedar
Western Hemlock
Western Hemlock
clear and knotty
Red Oak
Red Oak
quarter and rift sawn

Advantages fenstür

30 years of manufacturing
Complete supply chain management
Made on vancouver island
Nafs certified
World class machines & technology
Customized products
Forest Discovery Center in Duncan BC

Forest Discovery Center in Duncan BC

Saanich Waterfront

Saanich Waterfront

Forest Discovery Center in Duncan BC

Forest Discovery Center in Duncan BC

Cedric's Coffee House in Crofton

Cedric's Coffee House in Crofton

Cedric's Coffee House in Crofton

Cedric's Coffee House in Crofton

Cedric's Coffee House in Crofton

Cedric's Coffee House in Crofton

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Finishing options

Finishing options

  • Always Impregnated
  • Factory pre-finishing at component stage
  • Available clear, stains (transparents), or solid colors
  • Custom color matching available
  • Available high, medium (standard) or low gloss.
  • Furniture grade finish
  • Split finishing available
Technical details

Technical details

  • Standard 68mm thick (uses dual pane glass). Optional 78mm thick/triple pane glass
  • Range of glass performance packages
  • Can be built in multiple opening configurations
  • Each panel can span 10ft in width and height. (10ft width x 6 panels = 60ft opening)
  • Modern or traditional profile styling available
  • Flexible stile and rail dimensions
  • Minimum 2 gaskets around all sides of operable sash
  • Sash is flush with frame on interior and exterior side
  • NAFS rated for standard applications and sizes to 24ft
  • Third party NAFS engineering available for large or custom designs and openings


  • Cam handle operates stainless steel multi-point locking and lifting hardware
  • All fasteners and hardware are stainless steel or non-ferrous metals
  • Motor/automated operated options
  • Grade 304 stainless steel rollers offer 15yr warranty
  • Weight limit of 400kg
  • Industries lowest threshold at 3/4" thick!
  • Available wood or low-profile threshold
Aluminium cladding

Aluminium cladding

Available Aluminum Exterior Cladding

  • Increases thermal performance
  • Creates a "maintenance free" exterior
  • Anodized or painted finish - paint available in a variety of textures and in any color.
  • Offset from woods surface to allow breathing and moisture to drain - no thermal bridging
  • Cladding is removable for glass or unit service
  • Wood is fully finished beneath cladding

Why choose fenstür

All products are made on Vancouver Island
All products are made on Vancouver Islandmore_vert

Fenstür has designed and builds all of our products to be high quality, high performing, and fine cra...

All products are made on Vancouver Islandclose

Fenstür has designed and builds all of our products to be high quality, high performing, and fine crafted. We don't cut corners to cut costs - we cater to those who want a product with performance and quality not available at the local hardware store. Our designs incorporate the desirable features found in mainstream products studied around the world, and we handle, process, finish, and fit hardware of equal aptitude to complement the attention to detail we instill in our work.

European Designs and Products - locally manufactured
European Designs and Products - locally manufacturedmore_vert

We have largely based our window and door designs and functions upon what the European market offers -...

European Designs and Products - locally manufacturedclose

We have largely based our window and door designs and functions upon what the European market offers - but incorporated our own designs and twists to better suit them to the North American customer. We offer many of the same product types often imported from overseas, but hand crafted on Vancouver Island - and often to higher quality and performance standards than those available from Europe or anywhere else in the world.

Customization we stand behind
Customization we stand behindmore_vert

Fenstür has the technology, machines, and expertise to build highly customized products. Aside from c...

Customization we stand behindclose

Fenstür has the technology, machines, and expertise to build highly customized products. Aside from custom wood species or sizes, we can do raker, slant, and round shapes, special types of glass, various hardware types and materials (brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass etc.), aluminum clad exteriors, and more - all in house. Its very simple at Fenstür, if we feel that we cannot stand behind a product we produce, or don't feel proud to identify it as one of our own - it will never leave our facility.

Manufacturing process

Our specialists
Our specialists
Sanding process

Sourcing, cutting, and prepping

Every door and window starts in a forest.
Vancouver Island offers some of the finest softwoods in the world: Douglas fir, red cedar, red alder, and hemlock. The Province of British Columbia has strict forest management policies, ensuring trees are sustainably harvested and the surrounding ecosystems are protected. Nearly all of the weight in wood is made up of carbon - absorbed from the atmosphere and now stored in your window and door products - products which further save emissions with their high performing design properties to keep you warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.


The first step in producing windows and doors is to machine lumber into component pieces. Using state-of-the-art machinery, every component is precision-cut to a specific according to the design settles upon. Our technology grants us ultimate flexibility in design, while maintaining consistency – and 0.1mm repeated accuracy. We are equipped to process single components up to 6m (20ft) in length for clean lines without interruptions.

Our specialists
Our specialists


The final production step is fitting your door or window with customized hardware. Hardware plays an essentially role in the stability and longevity of doors and windows - as well as providing the interface for you to use them. We aim to balance function with aesthetic appeal and maintain the same quality standards with our fittings as with our doors. When a window or door is complete and checked for fit and function, the product is then packaged and ready for shipping.

Finishing and assembling

Before assembling your products, component pieces are professionally finished “impregnated". Our technology finishes 100% of surfaces – even the parts you can’t see. This is achieved by immersing machined components in tanks of a special finish - as opposed to spraying on stains and top coats after the product is fully assembled.

What you get with fenstür

Natural and beautiful wooden products
Durable and Energy Efficient construction
Heavy duty designs with elegant lines
Long lasting
Noise blocking
Low maintenance

We also offer

Tilt and Turn Windows

Our inward opening tilt-and-turn windows both tilt and swing, operating in two ways selected by the turn of a handle. The tilt function opens the top of the sash inwards for ventilation, whilst the turn function creates an inward opening side hung operation and easy glass cleaning.

Push Out Windows

Our push out windows are a one-of-a-kind window. Over 1000 design and engineering hours were invested into our window line, with input from multiple countries including Canada, the USA, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, and the Czech Republic. Extremely unique and rare, these windows are both flush with the interior and exterior side of the frame, feature two air and water-tight continuous gaskets around the windows perimeter.

Picture Windows

Picture windows hold fixed pieces of thermal glass in place and do not open. They are normally installed into difficult to reach areas, and locations where an unobstructed view is the highest design priority. Because picture windows do not require hardware they can be constructed in very large widths and heights above and beyond any operating window, and should be used where large unobstructed views are desired without the need for access to the outdoors.

Interior and Exterior Doors

A front door is the focal point of your home – and something you (and your guests) will spend a lifetime walking through.
Fenstür is passionate about building doors that will last the decades with style – while offering durability, performance, and security.
Custom doors are our specialty. If you have a dream door in mind, or have seen one on tv or in a magazine send us over a photo and let your dream become a reality!

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Located just 2 hours from Vancouver, our strategic location allows us to cater to the entire West coast of Canada and the United States. Our location on Vancouver Island allows us to source the best soft wood in the entire world. Our proximity to the source helps keep costs down and maintain exceptional quality control.

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